For over 50 years, the Nils Master & Bete company has researched, designed, tested and hand-tuned their famous fishing lures for quality, accuracy, and rate of success.
Nils Master & Bete company famous fishing lures
The latest upgrade to their acclaimed lures is UV-enhanced colour. It’s an exciting innovation based on the science of how light appears underwater vs. the vision of the fish.

The look of a lure changes the further below the surface it goes. Even the brightest colours darken and fade into the murky depths. A UV lure is designed to counteract this, by not only maintaining its visibility, but improving it.
fishing lure color loss in clear water chart
*Image courtesy of Kristen Rost/Wisconsin Sea Grant

This graphic is based on a study by the Wisconsin Sea Grant. It demonstrates how colour is compromised at certain depths under the water. Red and Orange lose clarity at 30 - 50 ft. Yellow remains visible to 100 ft., with Green and Blue presenting the strongest, still visible at up to 120 - 140 ft.
Fish on cutting board ready to be skinned and gutted
Ultraviolet light (UV) cannot be seen by the human eye; however many fish have “eyeshine” or light-gathering reflective sight that allows them to distinguish colour and contrast in darker conditions underwater. This means their eyes function similar to a black light, illuminating certain hues in a way we can’t perceive.

The glow of a UV-enhanced lure specially targets the attention of fish, especially in low-visibility conditions, under ice, or in cloudy or muddy water.

The following Nils lures are being introduced with this innovative upgrade in colours of the highest visibility (Green, Blue, Yellow) enhancing their already outstanding performance:

Spearhead Pro 423

Spearhead Pro 423 nils master lure glow in the darkSpearhead Pro 423 nils master fishing lure
The Spearhead wobbler is a handcrafted lure known for its life-like swaying and “darting” swim movements. Great for casting into rivers or rapids, or for use with downriggers. Made of wood with stainless steel wire-through-body construction and hand-painted detail. Fitted with heavy- duty corrosion-resistant saltwater hooks. 8 cm. *NEW* UV-enhanced.

The Spearhead Pro is available in a wide variety of colour combinations.

Invincible Zoom Pro 428

Invincible Zoom Pro 428 Nils master fishing lureInvincible Zoom Pro 428 nils master fishing lure glow in the dark
The Invincible Zoom is a sporty, aerodynamic wooden lure with natural, unpredictable movements, just like live bait. Sleek and bright, its holographic shine attracts both saltwater and freshwater fish. Fitted with heavy-duty corrosion-resistant saltwater hooks. 12 cm. *NEW* UV-enhanced.

The Invincible Zoom Pro comes in several colours and surfaces.

Invincible Pro 423

The Invincible Floating lure is world-renowned for catching record amounts of fish by nils masterThe Invincible Floating Pro by nils master is available in many sizes and colours, including Glow-in-the-Dark
The Invincible Floating lure is world-renowned for catching record amounts of fish. With its gently arched shape, light-catching shimmer, and realistic swimming action, this wooden lure is designed to catch the eye of many varieties of fish: pike, salmon, bass, snook, trout and many more. Easy to cast. 12 cm. Hand-painted detail. Fitted with heavy-duty corrosion-resistant saltwater hooks. *NEW* UV-enhanced.

The Invincible Floating Pro is available in many sizes (from 5 - 25 cm) and a wide range of colours, including Glow-in-the-Dark.

Nils Master lures help you customize your strategy to target the fish you want to catch. Put the power of UV-enhanced colour on the hook and optimize your fishing experience.
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Written by Dana Ruprecht, photos by Trevor Connell

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