About us

The Brown Bear

We are The Brown Bear. We have several online stores and our goal always remains the same: "To provide the best quality products and an amazing shopping experience". We are based out of Ontario, Canada and have a warehouse in the United States that accepts returns and aids in part of the shipping.

We decided to start a website that sells Nils Master fishing lures as we saw a need to provide these amazing fishing lures to customers in Canada and the USA. We have several avid fishermen in the family. About 5 years ago, they became aware of Nils Master and started to primarily use the shads and the jiggers for ice fishing. They were amazed at the fishing results and Nils Master has become a key lure in all of their tackle boxes. The problem is that Nils Master fishing lures were very hard to find in Canada. Nils Master manufactures their lures in Finland and very few retailers offer it in North America. Since then, we were able to become a supplier of Nils Master and are happy to provide these fantastic lures to our customers.

If you do not see a style you want, we would be happy to order it for you. We would also be delighted if you would share a picture of your "catch" so we can post on our website to show other fishermen the types of fish you can catch with Nils Master lures.

Our Story

Our family business all started with Kurt and Francine Scheuermann in a small town east of Toronto, Ontario. Kurt and Francine wanted to escape the busy city life and picked Westport, Ontario as a rural place to settle. They decided to start a retail store that carried Canadian made goods. This retail store was called The Brown Bear and was open from 1972 until 1998. The store became an icon for the community and many shoppers would travel long distances to visit quaint little Westport and shop at The Brown Bear. Kurt experienced some health issues over the years so they recognized they needed to slow down and retire so his health could improve.

Francine loved the customer interaction and missed the ability to make people happy with the products she sold. Kurt and Francine passed their work ethic and entrepreneurship down to their 4 children. In 2010 Francine, and one of her daughters Natalie, decided to team up and begin selling online. They started with moccasins as their main product as this was one of the most popular items at The Brown Bear store. 

Because The Brown Bear started small, they have tried to cherish and keep their customer relations as personal as possible. Francine and Natalie both try to personally be involved with orders and customer inquiries. They realize how popular shopping online has become, but realize it is not always a personal or enjoyable experience for everyone, so they try their best to keep their customers happy and make themselves available to chat or assist where needed. They aim to make a pleasant shopping experience that is more personal and that is why they LOVE hearing how people like their products and enjoy when customers share pictures and testimonials.

In 2012 another one of Francine’s daughters, Vanessa, joined the team and was able to help launch a few more lines and online stores within The Brown Bear. Every time they add a store or product line, they aim to fulfill a need. They believe in the products they sell. Their goal is to provide buyers with a product that will suit their specific needs and help their customers enjoy life a little more. They truly hope that you will enjoy their products and enjoy your shopping experience with them. They love to hear from their customers, or browsers even if it is constructive criticism, so please feel free to drop them a line at info@thebrownbear.ca. To view all of our online stores visit: www.thebrownbear.ca