For the fishing enthusiast, there is no greater investment than a high quality jigging lure.
Catching a Walley with a Nils Master Fishing Lure
Less messy than bait, a good jigging lure is designed to swim, flutter, or float with the lifelike action of an actual prey fish. A little manipulation of the rod or bob of the line will initiate motion of the lure, adding strategy and technique to your fishing experience.

A jigging lure is also versatile, with the potential to catch a variety of game fish. Finnish Nils Master lures are world-renowned, tested and proven to yield the most catches. In the words of Nils founders, the Kangas brothers, “The attraction of a lure is a compromise between movement and colors.”
Nils Master Fishing Lure FlyEye
The Nils Master FlyEye is a prime example of the distinctive lures Nils is famous for. Made with environmentally-friendly zinc, the 8 cm FlyEye is hand-painted and comes in an assortment of striking colors.

Its flexible, specialty gel tail tail waves in a natural motion with light-refracting sparkle to catch the eye of predator fish. A jerk of the line triggers the FlyEye to leap, turn, and spin in the water with unique action. Experiment with different jigging techniques and speeds to maximize the lure’s performance.
putting live bait on nils master flyeye fishing lure
Click the link below for easy on-line ordering, and to receive your FLYEYE Nils Master lure delivered right to your door:

To see the Nils lures in action, don’t forget to watch the following short video:

A high calibre lure has the proven advantage over live bait. Individually hand-tuned and swim- tested, Nils Master lures will involve you in more of the fishing action, and give you an edge with their adaptability, appearance, and motion. Invest in the best!!
Ice fishermen at night holding their catch Ontario
Written by Dana Ruprecht, photos by Trevor Connell

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