The Nils Master FlyEye (8 cm) lure a unique little metal jig crafted from environmentally friendly zinc material. It has durable hand painting detailed contrast colors and a soft tail that creates a shimmer which entices fish to strike. The design of the FlyEye creates extra large leaps in water. It’s special design allows it to jump in one direction when jigged, and then turn and jump in the opposite direction for the next jump, which draws a lot of attention especially with its flashy long tail. Work this lure directly over the top of where you’re fishing for the best action and results. The Flyeye comes fitted with three different hooks, which increases hook up chances regardless of what part of the lure is attacked by prey.
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Handcrafted Wooden Lures Made in Finland

It all began with a piece of bark and was brought alive with passion. Two brothers with a shared vision came forth with lures that became instant classics.

Good lures are made even better when you provoke the fish and satisfy the customer. The result is that today Spearhead, Invincible, Stalwart, Haka, Jumbo, Dartmaster, Jigger, Rotinkainen, Lotto are names familiar to fishermen around the world.