One brilliant and catchy idea.

Two-in-one 5 cm Rotinkainen serves both as a balance jigger in the horizontal position and by attaching the line to the tail hook it can be used in a vertical position. For use in the vertical position leave the line attached to the body eyelet and then simply wrap the line 2-3 times around the tail hook.

When fishing using horizontal and vertical lure positions use a light jerk to activate the swimming action, says Kalevi Kangas who designed the Rotinkainen.

The Rotinkainen 7 cm and 9 cm are best used in the horizontal position.

*GLOW mean glow-in-the-dark
*Don't see a color you want? Contact us.

Handcrafted Wooden Lures Made in Finland

It all began with a piece of bark and was brought alive with passion. Two brothers with a shared vision came forth with lures that became instant classics.

Good lures are made even better when you provoke the fish and satisfy the customer. The result is that today Spearhead, Invincible, Stalwart, Haka, Jumbo, Dartmaster, Jigger, Rotinkainen, Lotto are names familiar to fishermen around the world.