Invincible Zoom


Hottest of the hot and a cut above the rest. Simply the Best!

The Nils Master Invincible Zoom (12 cm) is a real catcher. Its unique swimming action and effective color combinations have caught record amounts of big fish all over the world. 

Zoom Action Sport Design is a term we use for the evasive, erratic swim action movement & behavior of the lure. At low speed the Invincible Zoom swims with a graceful fishlike shimmer. At quicker speed it swims with an evasive, erratic swim action. Invincible Zoom floats on the surface but just a slight retrieve  or pull gets it diving to its optimal running depth of approximately 4 meters depending on speed.

Excellent for Pike, Pikeperch, Salmon, Trout, Bass, and other freshwater and salt water fish species.

Handcrafted Wooden Lures Made in Finland

It all began with a piece of bark and was brought alive with passion. Two brothers with a shared vision came forth with lures that became instant classics.

Good lures are made even better when you provoke the fish and satisfy the customer. The result is that today Spearhead, Invincible, Stalwart, Haka, Jumbo, Dartmaster, Jigger, Rotinkainen, Lotto are names familiar to fishermen around the world.