How To Catch A Fish Every Time You Go Out Ice Fishing

Francine Scheuermann
There are only a few important factors when it comes to successful ice fishing and having a Nils Master lure is definitely one of them. Ice fishing is not as much about technique as it is about what you fish with. Of course it helps to know the right lake and just the right spot, but more importantly using the right lure will make all the difference in the world. Nils Master lures work the best out of any lure. Avid Canadian ice fishermen claim it's the best kept secret.

Why Nils Master Lures Are Simply The Best

Francine Scheuermann 1 comment
We discovered Nils Master Lures several years ago and are thrilled to be a distributor of these superior fishing lures in Canada and the USA. We have several family members and friends that won't fish with anything else but Nils Master lures, so we know first hand that they produce a superior, high quality product.