Stone-Cold Strategy

Dana Ruprecht, photos by Trevor Connell
As the fisherman, you control your jigging technique; certain conditions call for a more aggressive approach, but most ice-fishing involves subtle movements, or a mix of active and inactive presentation. The life-like movement of the Nisä will adapt and lend itself to either jigging style, as necessary.

When it comes to making a good ice-fishing catch, there’s no need to get cold feet. The Nisä jigging lure is here to perfect your strategy.

Just Glow With It

Dana Ruprecht, photos by Trevor Connell
The Next Generation Jigging Series has been proven to catch monster walleyes (pickerel), northern pike, muskies, jumbo perch, crappie, and many other varieties.

Once you add a little glowing action, the fish don’t stand a chance.

The Jig is Up!

Dana Ruprecht, photos by Trevor Connell
A Nils Balance Jigger lure optimizes colour and contrast between your bait and underwater surroundings, especially under the ice. Its life-like movements and luminosity easily capture the eye of predator fish looking to track and attack their prey, giving you a huge advantage.

Dive Deep

Dana Ruprecht, photos by Trevor Connell
Nils Deep Diving lures have been proven to catch a wide range of fish species around the globe. When it comes to profiling bait, don’t just scratch the surface. Dive deep.

All That Glitters

Dana Ruprecht, photos by Trevor Connell
Don’t be afraid to put a little sparkle in your tackle box... this lure is as good as gold. In addition to walleye, the Spearhead is also an excellent lure for pike, salmon, pikeperch, barramundi and more.

You and Your Big Mouth

Dana Ruprecht, photos by Trevor Connell
In life, if you want something, you’ve got to make some noise. The Nils Master Big Mouth is a unique hydrodynamic lure that uses the sound and motion of water flow to attract the fish you’re looking to catch. The result is a revolutionary lure that uses hydrodynamics to guide its performance and imitate the motion of an “alarmed” fish.