A good lure helps you target a fish with precision.
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In the same way weather, temperature, and time of year can affect your chance of making a catch, so can the color, shape, and action of your fishing lure.

Nils Master has a wide range of custom lures for a variety of species. According to the founders of the Finland-based company, “The attraction of a lure is a compromise between movement and colors.” Each lure is individually hand-calibrated and quality tested before being packaged and sold.
Invisible Zoom Nils Master Lure Best fishing lures on the market
The Invincible Zoom by Nils is a sporty plug lure designed to swim smoothly at slower speeds and move with life-like and unpredictable agility at a quicker pace. When floating or suspended in water, its bright colors and deadly shimmer attract both freshwater and saltwater fish. A slight retrieve or pull sends it diving up to 4 metres (13 ft), simulating the behavior of live bait.
Invisible Zoom Nils Master Lure
The Invincible Zoom is a superior quality hand-painted wooden lure with full stainless steel wire-through body construction and split rings. It is fitted out with two sets of heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant saltwater treble hooks. This sleek and aerodynamic lure is available in two colors, each with a light-catching glittered exterior specifically optimized to engage pike, salmon, bass, trout, and other shallow-water varieties.
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Nils Master takes the guesswork out of fishing by customizing each lure and quality-testing its effectiveness for years before putting it on the market. So zoom in on your catch with the Invincible Zoom Action Sport lure!
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Written by Dana Ruprecht, photos by Trevor Connell

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