You and Your Big Mouth

Nils Master Big Mouth Lure in Action
In life, if you want something, you’ve got to make some noise.

The Nils Master Big Mouth is a unique hydrodynamic lure that uses the sound and motion of water flow to attract the fish you’re looking to catch.

When pursued by a predator, bait and prey fish respond with changes to their physicality and behavior. The Big Mouth lure was created to simulate these changes, mimic their natural motion, and appear exceptionally true to life.
Big Mouth Nils Master Fishing Lure
Nils Master Big Open Mouth Lure
Unlike standard lures, the Big Mouth is designed with an open channel, instead of a diving lip. Water flows through the large, open mouth of the lure, initiating the life-like movement and sounds of a panicked prey fish as it tries to swim to safety.

The Big Mouth was invented in 2002 and was the first hydrodynamic lure of its kind. Its design incorporated studies of aquarium and fishing waters, and even adapted engine technology to achieve the final product. The result is a revolutionary lure that uses hydrodynamics to guide its performance and imitate the motion of an “alarmed” fish.
Two sizes of Nils Master big mouth lures
The 11 cm Master Nils Big Mouth is excellent for Bass, Pike, Salmon, Pickerel, Pikeperch and Trout, and serves as both a spinning lure and in trolling. Shown here in #685 (Blue), it is also available in several other size and colour varieties:
nils master lures in water catching fish

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