We discovered Nils Master Lures several years ago and are thrilled to be a distributor of these superior fishing lures in Canada and the USA. We have several family members and friends that won't fish with anything else but Nils Master lures, so we know first hand that they produce a superior, high quality product.

Nils Master is a Finnish company that has earned a reputation around the world among avid fishermen for their exceptional and legendary lures. Time and time again these handcrafted and swim tested lures come back with a bite. Nils Master Lures are a family run manufacturer that has been designing and distributing all types of fishing lures since 1963. Their wobblers, spinners, spoons and jigs are known to be extremely effective and popular with all types of fishermen. Nils Master lures are intensely irresistible and are proven to catch a wide range of fish all around the world. Here's what makes their fishing lures so amazing:

Specially Handcrafted

Nils Master lures are handmade with the perfect combination of the latest technology and professional craftsmanship. Each lure goes through an extensive 22 stage process from start to finish before it is available for purchase. Nils Master lures are individually quality controlled, hand tuned and swim tested before packaging. Most of their wobblers are handcrafted from wood, inspired by one of the Kangas brother's founding lures which was carved out of pine bark. Some of their other Nils Master designs are made from polymer or other environmentally friendly material.

Unique Design

Nils Master lures are handcrafted with a unique swimming action that makes all models superb at enticing fish to bite. They have taken the time to perfect the swimming action and movement of their lures to ensure they are, hands down, the best at catching fish
Wobblers: The handcrafted wooden wobblers perfectly imitate bait fish with their life like swimming action, are easy to cast and excellent for trolling. There's a reason their floaters are called invincible.
Spinners: Nils Master specially fish shaped spinners are plastic molded with a weighted body and hand painted with the best possible finish. The body of the lure will not rotate which prevents your line from twisting.
Spoons: Nils Master spoons swim side to side simulating lively bait fish as they flash both glossy sides to their predators.
Jigs: Nils Master jigs are the most versatile, deadly and proven lure when it comes to vertical jigging. Their life like swim pattern, behavior and movement make the jig appear like it's searching for prey fish.

Vivid Colors

Nils Master were the first lures to introduce remarkable colors to the lure market. Created from their own fishing experiences, the founding Kangas brothers discovered Nils Master exquisitely colorful lures. Nils Master's vertical stripes, parrot patterns and vibrant colors are known to effectively catch record amounts of fish all over the world. Color samples are sent to fishing experts, around the globe, for testing and real fishing. The feedback is then used to make lure colors that suit all kinds of fish species and fishing waters world wide. Color is seen as strength in the Nils Master fishing world and proven by the success of their lures.

Our online store, Nils Master Lures is a North American retailer and distributor of these superiors Lures. We have a select line of Nils Masters lures that we feel Canadian and American Fishermen will fall in love with and once they try them they'll stock nothing else in their tackle boxes. We also have the full Nils Master & Bete catalogue available online, so please do not hesitate to let us know if there's a lure you'd like us to get for you. Nils Master Lures is part of The Brown Bear so we offer the same friendly customer service, timely shipping and safe and secure online checkout as our other top-of-the-line online stores. Try Nils Master Lures, today and see for yourself how they are a cut above the rest.
Written by Francine Scheuermann


I want to find the size 4 jigger here in the usa and can not find them anywhere could you help?

mitch on Aug 28, 2019

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