Don't be that guy. Every year, about this time, when the winter thaw has hit us, there is inevitably one lonely ice fishing shack left out on the melted ice. All the other huts have vanished except one shack that has either been forgotten about or left too long to easily save. There's either a truck that gets stuck headed out to retrieve the hut that should have been removed weeks prior, or there's the progression of time where we watch the ice hut slowly sink into the lake. Save yourself the aggravation, costly fine and overall loss by calling it quits when the ice is still safe and thick to remove your fishing hut easily.
No avid angler wants to admit the ice fishing season is over for the year, but please stay safe and call it quits when nature is calling the shots. Once the January thaw hits, or whatever month the mild weather swings your way, remove you gear from the ice and start preparing for fishing in the spring. We realize there's some down time between fishing expeditions but take it as a chance to rejuvenate, refocus and get fired up for the next round.

During the down time between ice fishing and the opening of pike or bass, take some time to freshen up your gear. Put away your ice fishing rods and ice shack. Then start buffing the bass boat and pulling out your tackle box. What better time to start researching the new best lures that are out on the market and are bound to catch a big one out on the open lake? Nils Master Lures has the best handcrafted, swim tested lures around. Newly available in Canada and the USA, these vividly colored Finnish lures are said to be the best in consistently hauling big fish into your boat.
Nils Master Fishing Lures is a part of The Brown Bear. Our aim is "To provide the best quality products and amazing shopping experience" to customers in both Canada and the United States which is why we started this online retail store that offers these one-of-a-kind lures to anglers living in North America. We have tried these fishing lures ourselves and can attest first hand at their success and quality both in and out of the water. Check out one of our several product pages or give us a call for more information. If you see a lure in the Nils Master catalog that we are missing, let us know and we'll try our best to get it to you. We have fast shipping, great customer care and a high quality product. Use our safe and secure checkout, today.
Written by J Marshall

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