We've got just what you've been waiting for - round 2 or our bass fishing tips. Enjoy an easy read of another 6 great fishing tips used by professional anglers as the keys attributed to their success on the open water.

1. Have Confidence

If you want to be successful at fishing tournaments then you have to follow the pros and have confidence in your ability and success at catching record sized fish. Without confidence it is impossible to be truly successful at anything in life, let alone fishing. Confidence isn't something you simply gain overnight. It takes years of dedication as you take fishing trips and learn how to tackle different situations you come across while out on the water. Some professional anglers even go to sports psychologists to help them build confidence in this area. We suggest that weekend anglers should consider working at their mental attitude as a way to improve their fishing confidence.

2. Get Your Ducks In A Row

Motor break downs, bound up reels and broken lines can bust your ability to catch bass and deplete your confidence. You can't win a bass tournament with faulty equipment. Your boat, motor, rods and reels must be working properly so you can focus on the task at hand - effectively fishing! It's a good idea to spend the time ahead making sure all your gear is in pristine working order before tournament day. Get ready before by rigging the rods, checking knots, turning crank baits, spooling new line and carefully preparing the boat as a good maintenance program that is preventative in nature. When you're gear works properly, you can spend your time enjoyably fishing as opposed to fretting about gear repairs. Fussing with projects like this during the tournament eat up valuable fishing time. Pre-visitation groundwork such as finding hotels, marinas, restaurants, boat launches and gas stations ahead of time will also be helpful so that you are not worrying about such things the night before or day of your tournament.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

There are two kids of practicing that is necessary for your tournament day to be successful. One is practicing technique and the other is pre-tournament fishing. Technique fishing involves trying out new baits or giving an old lure from the tackle box a try. The idea is to improve upon a weak skill or to learn something new about the fish you are trying to catch. When it comes to pre-fishing a lake you want to practice easily finding the bass patterns of that body of water. For more insight on pre-tournament fishing see our Tournament Tips - Round 1, Know The Water section of the blog.

4. Be A Risk Taker

Most times the angler who is leading the competition on the final day doesn't end up winning the tournament. That's because those in the lead don't usually feel compelled to take a risk. If you take a chance and run your boat a long distance away from the weigh-in, just because you've done your homework and believe there is a good chance you'll find one quality fish, then you might just be a winner. Gambling style fishing in tournaments can be worth it in cut style tournaments. In order to make the final cut being conservative and catching a bunch of smaller fish is likely to not pay off in the end. That one angler that took a risk and found the big one is the one who will win the whole tournament.

5. Be Calmly Committed

Everyone can get frustrated while out fishing. When things go amiss, try to shrug it off and go right back casting. Stay focused on fishing. Personal commitment to fishing your best, improving on your game and learning from your mistakes will take you further than you thought you would go.

6. Enjoy Yourself

Most people who are most successful at work say they truly enjoy their jobs. Loving the sport of fishing, a good competition and the great outdoors is half the way to success when it comes to tournaments. Remind yourself that you are in a tournament because you love fishing and that is all that matters. Take the pressure off and just do what you know and have practiced to do and everything else will fall into place.
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Written by J Marshall

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