Experienced fishermen have a secret weapon for both ice fishing and jigging in open water. Hint: it glows in the dark.

The Legendary Lure

The Nils Balance Jigger -4 170 was famously developed in the 1970s by the Kangas brothers, founders of Nils Master Lures.
Kangas brothers, founders of Nils Master Lures
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Its unique shape, design, and vivid colour assortment quickly gained a global reputation as the deadliest, most adaptable lure for vertical jigging.

You might even say it has earned “glowing” reviews.

Light it Up

Nils glowing Jigger lures can be charged in sunlight or artificial light and will keep their glow for hours. On a bright, sunny day, they can even continue energizing via UV light several feet below the surface of the water.
Nils Master Balance JiggerNils Master Balance Jigger Glow in the Dark

How it Works

Colour takes on a very different appearance underwater than it does in the open air. This is because of the way light travels through water, causing even the brightest hues to take on a dull, greyish cast when submerged. The deeper and darker the water, the greater chance your lure has of fading into the background.

Bass, walleye, salmon, pike, and many other species of fish have light-gathering vision, a natural tool for recognizing colour and contrast. A glowing lure like the Balance Jigger-4 170 makes colour and pattern much more visible to attract a predator’s attention.

Nils features a large spectrum of colourful Jigger lures, both glowing and non-glowing, available in 8 cm and 12 cm sizes.


The Motion

The Balance Jigger lure moves like a prey fish... one light tug on the line will initiate a swim in one direction, then it doubles back on its own before darting in a different direction, encouraging fish to strike with its realistic motion.

Ice Fishing Jigging Motion with Daryl Bauer

The Technique

We recommend this jigging technique for ice fishing by Dave Patterson of ontariofishingguy.com:

The Twitch – The most efficient style and continually produces the highest catch rate for me. The twitching motion takes full advantage of the ball-bearing in your jigs. Adapt to your surroundings, on mud or rocky bottom I will typically allow the jig to strike bottom stirring up debris.

  • Start with your jig a foot or so off the bottom;
  • Lift the rod up quickly, approx 3 feet, allow the jig to drop down and settle just above the bottom (strike the bottom if you know you will not get hooked up);
  • Twitch the rod 5 or 6 times by lifting the rod tip a few inches quickly. Let the jig settle for a few seconds, repeat the twitching motion;
  • Rinse and repeat the jig pull.

The Advantage

A Nils Balance Jigger lure optimizes colour and contrast between your bait and underwater surroundings, especially under the ice. Its life-like movements and luminosity easily capture the eye of predator fish looking to track and attack their prey, giving you a huge advantage.

Get jigging with the Balance Jigger-4 170!
Nils Master Jigger 4
Written by Dana Ruprecht, photos by Trevor Connell

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