shark under water
Muskies are a feisty fish to catch.

Elusive and sharp-toothed, muskies are considered the “sharks” of freshwater lakes. They’re a frustrating species for anglers, due to their temperamental and aggressive nature. Known as the “Fish of 10,000 Casts,” they are predators that have no trouble finding food on their own. Catching one is about the thrill of the hunt, so your bait game better be good!
Nils Master Invincible lure
The Nils Master Invincible lure has got you covered. Handcrafted from abache wood, its distinctive colour and shape make it an excellent trolling tool.

This week’s feature is a 25 cm “Grand Master” 007 Invincible Floating Lure, designed for the challenge of catching muskies and other large, lakewater fish, such as pike, trout, and bass. With its subtle arch, the Invincible wobbler floats on the surface, but dives and moves like a bait fish when tugged or pulled, triggering its innovative swimming action. Three sets of sharp, corrosion-resistant hooks increase your chances of successfully reeling in larger, hard-to-catch fish.
easy-to-cast Nils Invincilble Floating Lure
Using the right lure can mean the difference between catching the fish THAT BIG (insert arm span!) or having to tell everyone about the "one that got away,” again. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, the easy-to-cast Nils Invincilble Floating Lure will put you at the top of your fishing game. Muskies, beware!
fish was THAT big
Written by Dana Ruprecht, photos by Trevor Connell


Der Nils Master sportsfishermen.
It is very nice to read tips and tricks, regarding Nils Master “Invincible Magnum 25 cm” and musky fishing 😉. But please make the stories a little longer – and if possible make them more serious/scientific – not so funny 😉.
And please, NO pictures of sharks, when the story is mainly about muskies 😆.
PS. But please don’t understand me: your initiativ with giving tips as how to
succeed more with Nils Master lures are MOST VELCOME 😁!
Very best regards,
Svend Erik Vardrup.

Svend Erik Vardrup on Aug 28, 2019

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