Did You Visit Us at the Spring Fishing & Boat Show?

Dana Ruprecht, photos by Trevor Connell
We love our Nils Master Lures products and we take every opportunity we can to tell the world about them. We are amazed by their unmatched quality, their attention to detail, their distinct swimming action, and of course how many fish we catch with them.

Why Nils Master Lures Make Great Gifts

J Marshall
Everyone has that certain someone in his/her life that it can be difficult to buy for. Whether it is Christmas gifts, Father's Day presents or that small something you want to send in the mail for a birthday surprise, brainstorming ideas can be difficulty at the best of times. For that Uncle, Dad, brother or close buddy that seems to have everything, we suggest adding the perfect lure to their tackle box. Avid fishermen and recreational anglers will all agree that Nils Master Lures are simply the best.

Why Shop Online For Fishing Lures?

Francine Scheuermann
Shopping online for fishing lures will be one of the best shopping choices you'll ever make. The other will be shopping for Nils Masters lures. Why not make two good choices and buy Nils Master Lures online? You'll find that once you try Nils Masters lures you'll never fish with anything else because they are simply the best. Once you find a great product that you like you can simply replenish your stock with a quick click of your finger without leaving the comfort of your fishing boat. Lose that favourite lure to a broken line or to the mouth of a big one? No problem at all. Just simply pull out your phone between casts to order and have the next one on its way to your tackle box in no time at all. Here are some other reasons why people like to shop online.