We Now Offer Spearhead Lures

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We are happy to let you know that we now have a select line of Nils Master Spearhead fishing lures. Check out our video where some friend from Australia catches a nice fish using the Spearhead lure.

What To Do When Ice Fishing Season Is Over?

J Marshall
Don't be that guy. Every year, about this time, when the winter thaw has hit us, there is inevitably one lonely ice fishing shack left out on the melted ice. All the other huts have vanished except one shack that has either been forgotten about or left too long to easily save. There's either a truck that gets stuck headed out to retrieve the hut that should have been removed weeks prior, or there's the progression of time where we watch the ice hut slowly sink into the lake. Save yourself the aggravation, costly fine and overall loss by calling it quits when the ice is still safe and thick to remove your fishing hut easily

Why Shop Online For Fishing Lures?

Francine Scheuermann
Shopping online for fishing lures will be one of the best shopping choices you'll ever make. The other will be shopping for Nils Masters lures. Why not make two good choices and buy Nils Master Lures online? You'll find that once you try Nils Masters lures you'll never fish with anything else because they are simply the best. Once you find a great product that you like you can simply replenish your stock with a quick click of your finger without leaving the comfort of your fishing boat. Lose that favourite lure to a broken line or to the mouth of a big one? No problem at all. Just simply pull out your phone between casts to order and have the next one on its way to your tackle box in no time at all. Here are some other reasons why people like to shop online.

5 Reasons Why Your Man Likely Loves Fishing

Francine Scheuermann
Just because your man likes to fish doesn't mean he's trying to get away from you or the kids. Fishing is just one of those hobbies that a lot of men like to do. Stop trying to figure out why he goes to work all week and then likes to get up bright and early on a Saturday morning to head out on the lake. There's nothing wrong. He likely enjoys one or all five of these reasons many men like to go fishing in the spring and summer.

5 Lures For The Pike Opener

Francine Scheuermann
Although ice fishing is coming to a close, there's no need to be sad as the Pike opener is just around the corner. For fishermen in Ontario it's an anticipated Saturday morning in May so there's plenty of time to get the dock cleaned up, the fishing boat ready and the tackle box restocked. As an online retailer and distributor of Nils Master fishing lures, we have 5 fishing lures that are sure to help you fill your daily 6 quota on the sport licence this season.

How To Catch A Fish Every Time You Go Out Ice Fishing

Francine Scheuermann
There are only a few important factors when it comes to successful ice fishing and having a Nils Master lure is definitely one of them. Ice fishing is not as much about technique as it is about what you fish with. Of course it helps to know the right lake and just the right spot, but more importantly using the right lure will make all the difference in the world. Nils Master lures work the best out of any lure. Avid Canadian ice fishermen claim it's the best kept secret.