Ice fishing huts on a lake
Catching fish in winter weather can be an extra challenge.

Much like people, fish tend to become sluggish in colder weather. Their metabolism slows down and they don’t feed as often. As ectotherms, fish are cold-blooded; their body temperature changes to match their environment.
nils master fishing lures official Nisä Jigger
The Nisä Jigger lure by Nils was specially created for ice fishing.

In addition to slowing down in the winter months, fish become more sensitive as well. They may linger closer to the surface for oxygen, or to follow slower moving prey or bait, and they won’t bite as often.

The Nisä lure has a smooth, hypnotic motion designed to capture the passive attention of fish beneath the frozen surface of the water. Beginning from a still place, a fisherman can initiate jigging, and the Nisä will swim in one direction before doubling back, with some good sideways action, coming to a stop again when it returns to its starting point. Many fish, such as perch, pike, and zander, will often bite in the moment when the jigger becomes dormant.

At 5 cm long, the Nisä Jigger resembles a small fish with side fins and a narrow underbelly, and is available in a variety of bright colour combinations certain to catch the eye of a lazy winter fish. Colour can change based on cloud cover, time of day, and the position of the sun, so experiment with all of them to find what works best in ever-changing winter conditions.
Nisä Jigger lure by Nils Master Finland Nisä Jigger lure by Nils Master Finland
The Nisä lure has a coloured treble hook as well as a hook at both the nose and tail ends. According to ice-fishing enthusiasts, lures are eaten head first about 20% of the time, so the nose hook gives you an extra edge. The Nisä also comes with a clasp to enable the central coloured hook to be changed more easily.
Nisä Jigger lure by Nils Master Finland
As the fisherman, you control your jigging technique; certain conditions call for a more aggressive approach, but most ice-fishing involves subtle movements, or a mix of active and inactive presentation. The life-like movement of the Nisä will adapt and lend itself to either jigging style, as necessary.

When it comes to making a good ice-fishing catch, there’s no need to get cold feet. The Nisä jigging lure is here to perfect your strategy.
cold winter day ice fishing lake huts
Written by Dana Ruprecht, photos by Trevor Connell

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