Nils Master at the Spring Fishing & Boat Show Toronto 2020
We love our Nils Master Lures products and we take every opportunity we can to tell the world about them. We are amazed by their unmatched quality, their attention to detail, their distinct swimming action, and of course how many fish we catch with them.

So it should come as no surprise that we jumped at the opportunity to setup shop at the Spring Fishing and Boat Show ( this past Family Day long weekend at the International Centre in Mississauga Ontario.

We met so many people who were passionate about fishing and outdoor life that it’s hard to keep track! Some knew and had used a Nils lure before, but many were just finding out about us for the first time. It was a real privilege to talk to so many of you about where you are fishing, what type of fish you are catching (or missing!) and how Nils Master Lures can increase your catch rate.
Natalie & Francine Nils Master Canada at the Spring Fishing & Boat Show Toronto Jason & Roch Nils Master Canada at the Spring Fishing & Boat Show TorontoNils Master Canada at the Spring Fishing & Boat Show TorontoNils Master Canada at the Spring Fishing & Boat Show TorontoTalking to customer at the Spring Fishing & Boat Show Toronto 2020Nils Master fishing lures at the Spring Fishing & Boat Show Toronto 2020The Brown Bear Francine ScheuermannRoch LaViolette The Brown BearNatalie Hartwick The Brown BearSpring Fishing & Boat Show Toronto 2020
One of the products that we featured at the show was the Rotinkainen, a distinctly-balanced jigging lure that can be used in either the horizontal position or in the vertical position (by attaching your line to the tail hook). The Rotinkainen’s unique motion attracts even the most elusive of hard-water fish. The possibilities are endless when out ice fishing.

If you missed us at the show, you can find more info on the sizes and colors of the Rotinkainen lures we carry by visiting our online store at:
Rotinkainen Nils Master Lure
Another unique product we are carrying this season is the Nopixgo® Wristband, an innovative solution to reduce the risk of mosquito bites - without the use of chemicals, odours and noises. This new-to-market, lab-tested product caught many eyes at the fishing show and we’re sure that you’ll be interested too. We wrote a blog article over on our sister site Canadian Great Outdoors which you can read here:
Nopixgo® Wristbandmosquito repellant wrist bandNopixgo® Wristband mosquito repellent
We also got to meet Charles Weiss, an artist from Toronto Ontario who specializes in fish and fishing art. He is also an avid Nils Master Lures user and was kind enough to record a video testimonial expressing his love for the Invincible lure:

Do you have a story to tell about your experience with Nils Master Lures? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at
Written by Dana Ruprecht, photos by Trevor Connell

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