Baby Shad Nils Master Lures
The Nils Master company from Finland is world-renowned for its innovative and colourful fishing lures. Their lures catch fish — it’s as simple as that.

In 1998, In-Fisherman magazine featured an article by Dough Stande who wrote that the fishing community needed, "a shorter, bulkier design representing shad and young of the year bluegills and crappies. We need a Jigging Shad, a really bulky flatter bodied swimming bait.”

Nils Master took note and over the next two years, rolled out its "Next Generation” Jigging Series, introducing the Jigging Shad, the Baby Shad, and the Junior Shad.
Baby Shad Nils Master Lures
The Jigging Shad is designed specially for vertical jigging through ice or in open waters. Smaller, but fuller-bodied, the shad lure imitates the swimming motion of real bait fish, moving forward, then darting back again in the opposite direction. The tail fin is transparent, representing a young, active fish.
tail of baby shad lures
Hand-painted with lifelike detail, the Shads come in three sizes: Baby Shad (5 cm), Junior Shad (6m), and the Jigging Shad (7 cm) and in a multitude of colours.

The Jigging Shad also has a Glow-In-The-Dark option for maximum visibility in deeper water or darker zones. Charge your lure in natural or artificial light for luminosity and contrast that attracts the light-gathering eyesight of predator fish. Heavy-duty split rings and strong, secure hi-carbon hooks will ensure that once snared, your catch stays caught.
glow in the dark fishing lures
Nils Master tests its lures for years prior to putting them on the market, ensuring that each lure is individually inspected and swim-tested before being packaged or sold. The Next Generation Jigging Series has been proven to catch monster walleyes (pickerel), northern pike, muskies, jumbo perch, crappie, and many other varieties.

Once you add a little glowing action, the fish don’t stand a chance.
Baby shad glow in the dark fishing lureBaby shad glow in the dark fishing lure
Written by Dana Ruprecht, photos by Trevor Connell

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