With Spring just around the corner, so many people think they can go out on frozen lakes to go ice fishing when it really isn't safe. Here are some tips to help you decide whether it's safe for you to go out on the ice or not.

- Cut a hole in the ice and measure a test spot to ensure ice is more than 4 inches thick before you walk out on it. Ice thinner than 4 inches thick is not safe to walk on as it may be thinner than that in some areas. Thin ice could crack or break and you could fall through into the freezing cold water.
- As a general rule of thumb, ice more than 5 inches thick is safe for a snowmobile to drive on. Ice more than 8 inches thick is likely to safely hold a car or lightweight truck.

- Keep a close eye on the daily temperature highs during the onset of Spring or during Winter thaws. You might measure ice thickness one day and find it is safe to walk on. A few days later, it may be too thin to go on. It's always safest to recheck the ice thickness if there has been a change in temperature since you last ventured out on it.
- When you travel out on the ice, always wear a life jacket or have flotation gear you. We also recommend that you take ice hooks and rope gear. There are countless stories of people and vehicles going through the ice year after year. Don't be one of those horrible stats. Take precaution by always measuring the thickness of the ice, knowing the body of water you are venturing out on and taking safety gear with you.
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Written by Francine Scheuermann

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