How To Catch A Fish Every Time You Go Out Ice Fishing

There are only a few important factors when it comes to successful ice fishing and having a Nils Master lure is definitely one of them. Ice fishing is not as much about technique as it is about what you fish with. Of course it helps to know the right lake and just the right spot, but more importantly using the right lure will make all the difference in the world. Nils Master lures work the best out of any lure. Avid Canadian & US ice fishermen claim it's the best kept secret.

Use Nils Master Lures

The Finnish company, Nils Master, takes pride in and are known for the vivid colours they use when designing all their fishing lures. They have done a lot of research and testing into the color choice they use and it has paid off as Nils Master lures have been tested to be extremely successful over other brands of lures. 

Nils Master jigs are heavier than other cheaper made brands. The way the body of the lure is moulded and sculpted with exquisite fin detail is superior to other inferior models. The shape of the body of the lure and where the fins are placed, makes them great little swimmers with believable, lifelike movements. Nils Master lures may seem larger than other brands, but believe us, they really work.

Follow Some Good Fishing Advice From Local Fishermen

  • When using a jigger, you only need to put the minnow head on the middle trouble hook of the lure. You don't need to use the full body of the minnow as it's only used for scent and the lure takes care of the motion. The fish go after the head of the minnow as they are attracted to the smell and vibration of the lure.
  • Spoons are another type of ice fishing lure. When fishing with spoons, you can use the full minnow as opposed to just the head.
  • You typically want to fish on ice that is at least 2 inches thick with 16 to 20 feet of water with your jig resting about 1 foot from the bottom of the lake.
  • At this time in the season the fish become trickier to catch as they become more aware of humans and are skittish which makes them not as likely to bite. But not to worry, you'll still catch fish using Nils Master even late in the season.

Buy Nils Master Lures Online

Why aren't more Canadian and USA fisherman using Nils Master lures? We feel it's because most fishermen don't know how great they are as Nils Master is a European company and has just recently been introduced to Canadian and United States fishermen.

We are an online retailer and distributor of Nils Master Lures that is based within Canada with a warehouse in the US that has started to market these superior fishing lures. Nils Master is guaranteed to put more fish in your pan and even newcomers to ice fishing will catch a fish using Nils Master. So take a look at the great selection we have to offer and take your ice fishing to the next level by using Nils Master lures.

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