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Dive Deep

Whether trolling or casting, the goal is to catch a fish in its natural habitat, which requires a strategy and just the right lure to entice it.
written down strategy drawing of catching fish plan
Some of the most sought after species (pike, perch, walleye, muskies, and bass) tend to be found in deeper lake water, where it is darker and cooler, seeking their prey towards the bottom. Many fish of this description also have light-gathering vision, an important sensory tool for seeing in lowlight or murky conditions.
deep lake water
The Nils Haka Deep Diving Lure is 7cm long, hand-painted wood, with full “wire-through-body” composition and equipped with two sets of VMC hi-carbon steel hooks. It descends quickly and deeply below the surface of the water, following steep shorelines and underwater terrain. Its unique design creates true-to-life motion, swimming with the tail above the head.
Nils Haka Deep Diving Lure
The #226 Haka Lure is embellished with a shimmering glitter to catch your fish’s eye even in murky or weedy underwater areas. A variety of striking and detailed contrast colors are available to best suit your fishing environment:

Haka Lure shimmering glitter
Nils Deep Diving lures have been proven to catch a wide range of fish species around the globe. When it comes to profiling bait, don’t just scratch the surface. Dive deep.
Nils Master fishing lures made in Finland

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