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Walleye fish are sight hunters.

Their light-gathering vision enables them to spot prey in low light, which is why they’re easier to catch at dusk or in early morning, and slower to bite on a clear sunny day. Being able to see in dark waters gives them a stealthy advantage over their prey.
dark waters
It’s also why adding a little “bling" to your lure can make an effective difference.

The Nils Spearhead is an 8 cm (3 inch) long-casting, floating lure. Handcrafted and wood-constructed with distinct colour contrast, the #035 is highlighted with a “deadly” shimmer. This light-catching effect captures the walleye’s attention and instantly triggers its instincts.

The swimming motion of the Spearhead is life-like, weaving its way through the water, zig- zagging side to side as if searching for prey fish. It is equipped with two super-sharp, corrosion-resistant triple hooks to guarantee you snag your catch securely.
Nils Spearhead Shimmer

Nils Spearhead Shimmer
The glittering Spearhead by Nils has caught record amounts of large fish around the world, and is available in a variety of colour combinations, which may be viewed here:
Nils Spearhead Shimmer
In addition to walleye, the Spearhead is also an excellent lure for pike, salmon, pikeperch, barramundi and more.

So don’t be afraid to put a little sparkle in your tackle box... this lure is as good as gold.
Nils Spearhead Shimmer

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