Just because your man likes to fish doesn't mean he's trying to get away from you or the kids. Fishing is just one of those hobbies that a lot of men like to do. Stop trying to figure out why he goes to work all week and then likes to get up bright and early on a Saturday morning to head out on the lake. There's nothing wrong. He likely enjoys one or all five of these reasons many men like to go fishing in the spring and summer.

He Enjoys The Outdoors

Many fishermen enjoy the quiet of the outdoors and soaking up the sunshine while out on the wide open water. After a long cold winter and a rainy spring, fishermen enjoy the opportunity to be outside without having to cut the lawn or shovel snow. Many say while fishing they feel at one with nature. With only the sound of a quiet trolling motor, birds chirping an early good morning and the splash of fish jumping, may offer him the therapeutic sound of relaxation he needs.

He Needs The Time To Unwind

Your man may find he just needs some time to unwind. The constant buzz at work and flow of busyness found at home, some time out fishing might be necessary solitude time away from it all. Don't look at it as time away from you and the kids but as investing therapeutic time away from work and play to regather his thoughts and collect himself. Everyone needs some down time to help lower everyday stress levels. It's healthy. Whether it's grabbing a beer and heading out with a buddy or just cruising around solo, fishermen have a short window of time to enjoy fishing, so try to let him enjoy it.

He Likes The Time With His Buddies

Just like most women enjoy a much needed spa day with the girls, men like time to swap stories with buddies by the lake with a fishing rod in hand. Sometimes not much is said while sitting in the bay waiting to hook the big one, but when they do catch something it's nice to have a witness to attest to the size of the big one that got away or to have a net man ready when necessary. Whatever the case may be, there's a reason there's more than one seat in the bass boat.

He Enjoys The Thrill Of The Catch

Some men just honestly like catching fish. They challenge themselves to find the biggest fish and enjoy the thrill of entering amateur bass competitions or making their own competition with a group of buddies. Fishermen love having a fishing story to tell around the campfire.

He Wants To Bring Something Home For Dinner

There's a sense of pride knowing that you are bringing something home for supper that you caught yourself. Perhaps your man likes eating fresh fish or enjoys having the kids help him clean the fresh catch of the day and then tell him how yummy it was. Men enjoy getting their families together for a fish fry when they get to bring something to eat to the table.

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Written by Francine Scheuermann

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