Although ice fishing is coming to a close, there's no need to be sad as the Pike opener is just around the corner. For fishermen in Ontario it's an anticipated Saturday morning in May so there's plenty of time to get the dock cleaned up, the fishing boat ready and the tackle box restocked. As an online retailer and distributor of Nils Master fishing lures, we have 5 fishing lures that are sure to help you fill your daily 6 quota on the sport licence this season.

Invincible Shallow

The Invincible Shallow fishing lure is another real catcher with its unique swimming action and effective colour combinations. Yet another Invincible lure that is known to have caught record amounts of big fish all over the world, including Pike. The Invincible Shallow fishing lure is a floating lure designed for use in extremely shallow waters, with a trolling depth of less than a metre. We carry the 12 cm version in 4 different colours.

Invincible Deep Runner

The Invincible Deep Runner wobbler is a floating wooden lure that immediately dives steeply through the water when you start to retrieve. The Invincible wobbler floats on the surface but just a slight retrieve or pull gets it diving with a swimming action that imitates a bait fish. When the pulling stops, the Invincible bobs back to the surface. The Invincible wobbler is easy to cast and is great for trolling. The Deep Runner's lifelike swimming action, due to its slightly arched shape, makes it excellent for deep water fishing and is proven to catch a wide range of fish species around the world, including Pike. This legendary Invincible model comes in 3 different sizes and a variety of colours made of Balsa or Apache wood.

Big Mouth

Nils Master's Big Mouth lure has an open channel reaching through its exceptional structure. The hydrodynamic force of water passing through this phenomenal lure makes it move in a manner that imitates a live bait fish exceptionally well. It is precisely this lifelike swimming motion coupled with the sound of water passing its body, that makes Big Mouth the champion lure that it is. We carry 2 sizes of the Big Mouth lure in 4 different colours.


The BeteZap is made out of polymer and its shape resembles that of a small fish. This Nils fishing lure is a minnow imitating wobbler that seduces fish, including Pike, to bite. Its swimming action and vivid colour options make this lure extremely lifelike. The BeteZap lure is found to be suitable for both casting and trolling. We stock the 10 cm version in 5 different colours.

Lotto Spinner

There's a reason the Lotto Spinner is called pure pocket dynamite. The Nils Master Lotto Spinner’s specially shaped and weighted, plastic moulded body is hand painted for the best possible finish and effectiveness. The body of the Lotto Spinner will not rotate thus preventing your line from twisting. The Lotto Spinner is an excellent choice when only a spinner bait will do the job. You'll find this lure is suitable for casting and trolling in flowing water, smaller lakes and ponds. We stock the Lotto spinner in 3 sizes and several attractive colours.
As an online retailer and distributor of Nils Master Lures, we are happy to provide North Americans with exceptional fishing lures that are hand painted, swim tested and proven to be successful. We offer free shipping with friendly customer care and a safe checkout. Get started on topping up your fishing gear with the best kind of lure on the market, today.
Written by Francine Scheuermann

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